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Metallica Font

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The Metallica font, used in the band’s logo, is a distinctive and iconic design that has become synonymous with the band’s brand.

It has gone through multiple iterations and has become widely popular, being used in various merchandise and recognized easily even by non-fans.

Metallica Fonts

Pastor of Muppets


The most recent Metallica logo font is remarkably close to a font called “Pastor of Muppets” created by Ray Larbie. The font has also spawned numerous imitations and is available for free download.

Pastor of Muppets Flipped


This is a flipped version of the Pastor of Muppets font.

Metallica Font By Fontget


This font is a fan-made free display font that is inspired by the logo of the American heavy metal band Metallica. It has sharp edges and lightning bolts that give it a metallic and aggressive look. The font was created by FontGet, a website that offers a variety of fonts for personal and commercial use.

Metallica Font Generator

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