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Saltburn Font

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Welcome, Today we will talk about Saltburn Font and tell you everything about it. The font used in the Saltburn logo is a custom-designed typeface. But we found the Salium font designed and published by FG Studios. It was a remake based on the TV show logo. You can download this font for free from our link now.

Saltburn logo vs Salium Font similarity example

You can also try the CAC Valiant font. This font also looks similar to the logo matching the upper word “we are all about to lose our mind” and is a free alternative. American Greetings Corporation created and published it.

Saltburn Overview

Saltburn is a movie that was released in 2023 and directed by Emerald Fennell, who also wrote and co-produced it. It is a black comedy psychological thriller that stars Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi, Rosamund Pike, and Richard E. Grant. The movie is about a student at Oxford University who becomes obsessed with his wealthy classmate and is invited to spend the summer at his family’s estate. The movie explores themes of privilege, desire, deception, and violence. It received critical acclaim and several award nominations.

Saltburn Font Generator

If you want to try out the Saltburn font before downloading it, or if you just want to have some fun with it, you can use our Saltburn font generator. This is a free online tool that allows you to type any text and see how it looks in the font. You can also change the size, color, background, and alignment of the text, and download the image or share it on social media.


We have explored Saltburn Font and its related fonts. We have introduced the Salium font, which is a remake of the custom-designed typeface used in the Saltburn logo. We have also suggested the CAC Valiant font, which is a free alternative that resembles the logo. Additionally, we have given a brief overview of Saltburn, the movie that inspired the logo. Saltburn is a dark and twisted film that challenges viewers with its complex themes and characters. We hope you have enjoyed this article and learned something new about Saltburn Font and the movie behind it.

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Thanks a lot for reading.

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