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Times New Bastard Font

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If you are looking for a font that combines Times New Roman’s classic elegance with Comic Sans’s playful quirkiness, then look out for Times New Bastard font. This font is a parody of the world’s most popular and hated fonts. People sometimes also call it Times New Bastard Regular Font. It will surely make your design stand out from the crowd. Now let’s talk about the font and where it came from.

Where Did Times New Bastard Font Come From?

Tumblr user Ommanyte created Times New Bastard as a joke and a tribute to the fonts he loves and hates. He wanted to create a font to make people laugh and cringe simultaneously. He took the basic structure and proportions of Times New Roman and replaced some letters with Comic Sans counterparts. Like every seventh letter of the will be sans-serif. The result is a font that looks familiar, strange, serious, silly, formal, and informal.

Tumblr annnouncement and times new bastard font similarity example

Weiweihuanghuang later developed the font. He is a graphic designer and typographer who uploaded the font to GitHub. Then He added some ligatures and ornaments to improve the letters’ fit and flow. He also made the font free for commercial use under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3.

Best Use Case For Times New Bastard

Times New Bastard is not a font for every occasion. It is a font for those who want to have fun and break some rules. This font is for those who wish to challenge typography conventions and expectations. It is a font for those who want to make a statement and provoke a reaction.

Use Times New Bastard for any design project that requires humor and irony. You can use it on anything that you want to spice up with some contrast and contradiction. You can also use it for personal projects like greeting cards, memes, or jokes.

However, it would be best not to use Times New Bastard for serious or professional purposes. Like on resumes, reports, essays, or formal letters. You should also be aware that some people may find this font offensive or disrespectful, so use it carefully and respectfully.

Times New Bastard Font Generator

Font View

Times New Bastard Font character map
Times New Bastard Font Symbols

Similar Fonts

You may also like other fonts that mix different styles and genres. Here are some examples:

  • Comic Serif Pro: A font that combines the curves of Comic Sans with the serifs of Times New Roman.
  • Arial Mon: A font that blends Arial’s sans-serif simplicity with Courier’s monospaced uniformity.
  • Helvetica Neue Haas Grotesk: A font that merges the modernity of Helvetica Neue with the grotesqueness of Haas Grotesk.


Times New Bastard is a font that defies typography norms and conventions. It is a font that mixes the classic and the comic, the elegant and the eccentric, the refined and the ridiculous. This font will make you laugh and cringe, love and hate. It is a font that will make you think and feel. It is a twisty font.

Thank you for reading! If you liked it and looking for more fonts then you can check out our other popular fonts like Almost Friday FontJurassic Park, and Ahsing fonts.

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June 6, 2023 5:15 am

Thanks for sharing my favorite font.

June 6, 2023 5:25 am

Very good font and funny.