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Almost Friday Free Font Download

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About The Font Used in Almost Friday Meme

Almost Friday is a media, production, and lifestyle company that was founded by three brothers named Jack, Max, and Sam Barrett in 2019. The company is known for its viral Instagram account, @friday.beers, and its original comedic content that celebrates the weekend’s culture, sports, music, and humor. The company also uses a distinctive font for its logo and memes, called Almost Friday font.

The Almost Friday font is actually the Lobster font, a script typeface designed by Pablo Impallari, an Argentinian-type designer. The Lobster font is a bold, condensed, and curly script font that has a funny and friendly vibe. The font also has many ligatures and alternates for some letters, such as B, K, R, S, W, etc. The font supports Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek character sets.

About Lobster Font

Lobster font is a script typeface that has a bold and condensed style. It was designed by Pablo Impallari, an Argentinian type designer, and released by Impallari Type. Lobster font has many variations and ligatures for each letter, which makes it look more natural and dynamic.  Lobster font is free to download and use, and it supports 345 glyphs and 715 characters. You can learn more bout the font here.

Effective Use of This Font

The Almost Friday font is a great choice for any design project related to comedy, entertainment, social media, memes, videos, photography, etc. The font can be used for logos, headlines, captions, posters, flyers, t-shirts, etc. The font can also be paired with other fonts to create contrast and variety.

Some possible font combinations are:

  • Almost Friday + Montserrat
  • Almost Friday + Roboto
  • Almost Friday + Pacifico

Almost Friday Font Generator

Font Information

Full Font NameLobster
Versionv. 2.100
Created & Modified Date2010
CopyrightCopyright 2010 The Lobster Project Authors (https://github.com/impallari/The-Lobster-Font), with Reserved Font Name “Lobster”.
TrademarkLobster is a trademark of Pablo Impallari.
License AgreementThis Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. This license is available with a FAQ at: http://scripts.sil.org/OFL
PublisherImpallari Type
DesignerPablo Impallar
TypeTrueType and OpenType

Font View

Almost Friday Font Character map
Almost Friday Font

Similar fonts to it

If you like the Almost Friday font, you might also like these similar fonts:

  • Kaushan Script by Impallari Type: A casual script font with brush-like strokes and rough edges.
  • Dancing Script by Impallari Type: A lively script font with elegant curves and bouncy rhythm.
  • Grand Hotel by Astigmatic: A retro script font inspired by the 1937 film “Cafe Metropole”.

License Information

Lobster is free for personal and commercial use. However, you may not sell the font on its own. For more information, please contact the designer directly. Thank you for respecting their hard work!


Almost Friday Font, also known as Lobster Font, has become a signature part of Almost Friday memes and posts. It has a bold and blocky appearance that helps to make the memes instantly recognizable. The popularity of the Almost Friday memes led to the widespread usage of the Lobster Font, which is now commonly used in social media platforms and a variety of designs. The Almost Friday Media Group has given a voice to the weekend culture, earning the attention of a young audience. It is amazing to see how a font created as a passion project has become so widely popular, and continues to be used and loved by people all around the world. So, download the Lobster Font and create your own Almost Friday memes and designs, and join in on the fun of celebrating the end of the week.

And if you liked it and want more fonts for design then check our other fonts like Helvetica Now, Bratz, and Horizon Font!



What is the Almost Friday font?

Ans: The Almost Friday font is a popular font used on Almost Friday memes and also on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram for creating graphics, memes, and other design elements. It is also known as the Lobster font and was designed by Pablo Impallari.

Can I download and use the Font on my PC and MAC?

Ans: Yes, you can download and use the Font on your PC and MAC

What is the Almost Friday meme?

Ans: A series of memes began circulating online in early 2018, and later became known as Almost Friday memes. It was joking about work-related stress during the weekdays and how the weekend was near with the coming of Friday, so we just had to hold out a little longer. Because of how distinct and unique the lobster font looked, most memes used this font.

What can the Almost Friday font be used for?

Ans: The Almost Friday font is suitable for use in Social Media posts and memes and also in a variety of designs, including T-shirts, wall art, cafe banners, branding, packaging designs, and more. It is also compatible with almost all other fonts

Is the Almost Friday font free to use?

Ans: Yes, this font is 100% free to use for personal and commercial purposes. You can easily download it by clicking the “download” button on the website.

What other similar fonts like the Almost Friday font?

Ans: The lobster font also known as is great for Friday and fun. But are you looking for something different, for similarity? Then check out these fonts Pattaya Regular, Gullias, Kalimat Script, and Gilberto.

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