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Lobster Font Free Download


The lobster font was created by type designer Pablo Impallari in 2010 and published under Impallari Type and quickly gained popularity after it was introduced to the Google font library. With its bold, rounded script design, smooth curves, and lively, almost handwritten appearance, it became a popular choice for designers. Its popularity is evident from the 14.9 million people who have downloaded the font to date. Its ease of use and the ability to make it look pretty without much design knowledge made it a favorite for many. Impallari designed the font with 26 lowercase characters, giving users more than 600 possible combinations for each letter and around 15,600 for the whole alphabet, making it easy to create unique and seamless designs.

Lobster Font In Use

Lobster font in various real use example

One of the key features of the lobster font is its versatility. It can evoke ideas of the sea, the foreign and exotic, the welcoming and friendly, and even the fashionable and trendy. It’s a font that is perfect for catching the attention of viewers in headlines, posters, and advertisements. Its elegant and unique script style can add a touch of personality to magazine layouts and articles, logos and branding, packaging design, and social media graphics. It’s so well-liked that it has been used in creating various memes. It especially became related to Almost Friday.

Packaging designers, particularly, have taken a liking to the font. It doesn’t matter if they’re selling a reading light or beauty products made with cannabis extract; lobster is the font of choice. Even major companies have used it in their packaging designs. The versatility of this has made it a go-to choice for packaging designers, regardless of the product being sold.

Lobster’s popularity was widely acknowledged by designers and users alike, as was evident when a user of DaFont, a popular font website, sent a collection of images to the designer Pablo Impallari showing the font being used in various television commercials. The designer was pleased to see his font being used in this way, and it showed the wide reach and acceptance of the font in the design industry and among the general public. The lobster font is free to use for both personal and commercial purposes. Yes, it is definitely free for business purposes. which is why it became rapidly popular on the internet. But it cannot be sold as an individual product or as part of a font pack. So, download it now by clicking the link below!


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Lobster Font View

Lobster Font Character map
Lobster Font View

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Font Information

Full Font NameLobster
Versionv. 2.100
Created & Modified Date2010
CopyrightCopyright 2010 The Lobster Project Authors (, with Reserved Font Name “Lobster”.
TrademarkLobster is a trademark of Pablo Impallari.
License AgreementThis Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. This license is available with a FAQ at:
PublisherImpallari Type
DesignerPablo Impallar
TypeTrueType and OpenType

License Information

The lobster font is licensed under the Open Font License. So, you can use the font for free in any product or project, commercial or non-commercial. You can’t sell it as an individual product or as part of a font pack.

What is lobster Font?

Ans: The lobster font is a popular typeface designed by Pablo Impallari in 2011. It is known for its bold, rounded script design, smooth curves, and lively, almost handwritten appearance.

Can I use Lobster font for commercial projects?

Ans: Yes, Lobster font is licensed under the Open Font License, which allows for the free use of the font in any product or project, commercial or non-commercial.

What kinds of design projects is Lobster font appropriate for?

Ans: Lobster font is suitable for a wide range of design projects such as headlines and titles, magazines, logos and branding, invitations and cards, websites and digital design, packaging design, and social media graphics.

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