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The typeface Helvetica is used widely around the world. Let’s talk about it now. Even for advertising, publishing, or street signs, Helvetica has been the first choice of many designers and readers. If you look at the font now, you can see how it’s getting better and better.

A famous font foundry called Haus in Switzerland made Helvetica in 1957. Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffman made it to the company. The name Helvetica came from the Latin word Helvetica, which means Switzerland. At first, the font was called Neue Haas Grotesk, but that changed.

The Helvetica typeface is based on the Akzidenz-Grotesk typeface. In the middle of the 1960s, suddenly Grotesk-style fonts were becoming more popular than others. Eduard Hoffmann, the director of a haus foundry, was worried because his font wasn’t getting the results he thought it would get from the public.

A typeface called akzidenz grotesk by H. Berthold AG foundry was his main competitor. He wanted to beat them at their own game. The new type designer Max Miedinger was then hired to make a new typeface that looked a lot like grotesk, so he did that.

In the beginning, Miedinger and Hoffmann wanted to make a typeface that was neutral and simple. It could also be used on a lot of signs. They tried to make a typeface that looked square, had an oblique instead of an italic, a specific capital width, a bracketed top flu of 1, and a r with a rounded tail, but it didn’t work out very well.

Helvetica Usage

This typeface has become well-known,because it has a uniform font design, it can be used in any design. Helvetica is a typeface often used in newspapers, logos, business cards, advertisements, t-shirt designs, and street signs. Brands like BMW have used it for a long time. This typeface font has become the font of choice for almost all designers and the general public.

Helvetica Fonts View


Font Information

NameHelvetica Font
DesignerMax Miedinger and Eduard hoffmann
StyleNeo-grotesque sans-serif
File FormatTTF,OTF
Font LicenseFree for personal


Fonts Family

 Helvetica provide all total of 36 font style 

  • Helvetica Pro Light
  • Helvetica Pro Light Oblique
  • Helvetica Pro Roman
  • Helvetica Pro Oblique
  • Helvetica Pro Bold
  • Helvetica Pro Bold Oblique
  • Helvetica Pro Black
  • Helvetica Pro Black Oblique
  • Helvetica Pro Light Condensed
  • Helvetica Pro Light Condensed Oblique
  • Helvetica Pro Condensed
  • Helvetica Pro Condensed Oblique
  • Helvetica Pro Bold Condensed
  • Helvetica Pro Bold Condensed Oblique
  • Helvetica Pro Black Condensed
  • Helvetica Pro Black Condensed Oblique
  • Helvetica Pro Narrow Roman
  • Helvetica Pro Narrow Roman Oblique
  • Helvetica Pro Narrow Bold
  • Helvetica Pro Narrow Bold Oblique
  • Helvetica Pro Compressed
  • Helvetica Pro Extra Compressed
  • Helvetica Pro Ultra Compressed
  • Helvetica Pro Inserat Roman
  • Helvetica Pro Rounded Bold
  • Helvetica Pro Rounded Bold Oblique
  • Helvetica Pro Rounded Black
  • Helvetica Pro Rounded Black Oblique
  • Helvetica Pro Rounded Bold Condensed
  • Helvetica Pro Rounded Bold Condensed Oblique
  • Helvetica Pro Textbook Roman
  • Helvetica Pro Textbook Oblique
  • Helvetica Pro Textbook Bold
  • Helvetica Pro Textbook Bold Oblique
  • Helvetica Std Fractions
  • Helvetica Std Fractions Bold

Alternatives of Helvetica Font

  • Aktiv Grotesk Font
  • Univers Font
  • Untitled Sans Font
  • Acumin Font
  • VISIA Pro Font
  • Noirden Sans Font
  • Bw Nista International Font
  • Exensa Grotesk Font
  • Noveltica Nova Pro Font

License Info

This font is free for personal use. This means you can use it for personal work. If you want to use this font for any commercial purpose, you have to purchase a commercial license from the actual owner.


What does helvetica mean ?

Ans : Helvetica means from Switzerland.

Is helvetica a free font ?

Ans : No it is not free font it is free for personal use font.

Does Helvetica support all the languages ?

Ans :Helvetica supports almost all the languages Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Vietnamese and many more.

Is it a safe font ?

Ans : Yes helvetica is a 100% safe font.

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