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Helvetica Now Font Download

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Are you searching for Helvetica Now Font? Then you have come to the right place! You will find all the information you need about this new updated font right here.

So What Is Helvetica Now?

Helvetica Now is a modern update of the classic Helvetica font, designed and released by Monotype in 2019. While Helvetica is a typeface that was first developed in 1957. It comprises 96 styles, making it one of the most dynamic typefaces available today.

There are three different styles to choose from – Text, Micro, and Display – so you’ll have all the tools you need to create stunning typography. This versatile font offers flexibility in weight, width, and other design elements. You will also have everything you need to create stunning designs with its comprehensive character set, including uppercase, lowercase, alternates, punctuation, symbols, and numerals!

What’s The Difference Between Helvetica and Helvetica Now?

One of the most significant differences between the two fonts is that Helvetica Now includes three optical sizes. They are Helvetica Micro, Helvetica Text, and Helvetica Display. Each is designed for specific purposes. The micro version is appropriate for small text and low-resolution displays. The Text version is appropriate for body text blocks. And the display version is appropriate for headlines and larger text. This makes Helvetica Now more versatile and optimized for legibility and readability in various design applications.

Helvetica now three font styles

Helvetica Now also includes several updated and improved alternate characters, as well as enhanced readability and design, giving it a more modern look that can be adapted to different design needs. On the other hand, the classic Helvetica font is less adaptable and lacks the updated features and functionalities of Helvetica Now.

Comparison Between Helvetica and Helvetica Now

Helvetica Now In Use

From advertisements and logos to packaging and signage, Helvetica Now has already made its mark in the world of design and branding. You can see it in the photo yourself!

Helvetica Now in Use

Due to its ability to convey a sense of modernity and simplicity, as well as its classic elegance, Helvetica Now has gained much popularity. The newly introduced optical sizes (Micro, Text, and Display) offer designers a range of possibilities for using them in various contexts, and the expanded character set offers ample customization options.

Helvetica Now Family

  • Helvetica Now Text Thin
  • Helvetica Now Text Thin Italic
  • Helvetica Now Text ExtraLight
  • Helvetica Now Text ExtraLight Italic
  • Helvetica Now Text Light Italic
  • Helvetica Now Text Regular
  • Helvetica Now Text Italic
  • Helvetica Now Text Medium
  • Helvetica Now Text Medium Italic
  • Helvetica Now Text Bold Italic
  • Helvetica Now Text ExtraBold
  • Helvetica Now Text ExtraBold Italic
  • Helvetica Now Text Black
  • Helvetica Now Text Black Italic
  • Helvetica Now Micro ExtraLight
  • Helvetica Now Micro ExtraLight Italic
  • Helvetica Now Micro Light
  • Helvetica Now Micro Light Italic
  • Helvetica Now Micro Regular
  • Helvetica Now Micro Italic
  • Helvetica Now Micro Medium
  • Helvetica Now Micro Medium Italic
  • Helvetica Now Micro Bold
  • Helvetica Now Micro Bold Italic
  • Helvetica Now Micro ExtraBold
  • Helvetica Now Micro ExtraBold Italic
  • Helvetica Now Display Hairline
  • Helvetica Now Display Hairline Italic
  • Helvetica Now Display Thin Italic
  • Helvetica Now Display ExtraLight
  • Helvetica Now Display ExtraLight Italic
  • Helvetica Now Display Light Italic
  • Helvetica Now Display Regular
  • Helvetica Now Display Italic
  • Helvetica Now Display Medium
  • Helvetica Now Display Medium Italic
  • Helvetica Now Display Bold Italic
  • Helvetica Now Display ExtraBold Italic
  • Helvetica Now Display Black
  • Helvetica Now Display Black Italic
  • Helvetica Now Display ExtraBlack
  • Helvetica Now Display ExtraBlack Italic

Is Helvetica Now Free to Download?

Unfortunately, Helvetica Now is a commercial paid font. So it isn’t free to download. But if you want you can purchase from the link here.


Helvetica Now is a contemporary update to the iconic Helvetica font that offers a versatile, modern look with improved legibility and design elements. Its influence and popularity in the design world are only expected to continue to grow, making it a font that’s definitely worth considering for your next project.

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Thank you!

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