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The New York Times Font

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What is The New York Times font? The New York Times is one of the world’s most influential and respected daily newspapers. It has been published since 1851 and has won more Pulitzer Prizes than any other newspaper. But what is the font of the New York Times, and why is it so iconic?

What Font Does New York Times Use?

Over its period, New York Times has used many different fonts. But its logo is not set in a font but hand-made based on the Gothic style, also known as blackletter. Some folks say the logo was inspired by a font called Engravers Old English BT. However, we also discovered a few fonts that resemble the logo. Chomsky Font and Ancient One Font are two of them. While the New York Times has used NYT Imperial and Georgia for its primary body texts. Now let’s dive in and learn about these New York Times Fonts replicas and how to download them.

New York Times Logo Font: Chomsky Font

The New York Times Newspaper Logo vs Chomsky font similarity example

The logo of the New York Times is a distinctive masthead that features the paper’s name in black uppercase letters on a white background. The logo font In 2019, Fredrick Brennan created this free font. Chomsky is a replica of the original lettering used in the main headline of the New York Times newspaper since 1967. It is a Gothic-style font with serifs and ornamental details, giving it a classic and elegant look.

Chomsky is named after Noam Chomsky, a linguist, philosopher, and political activist known for criticizing the mainstream media. Brennan chose this name as a tribute to Chomsky’s work.

Engravers Old English BT

The New York Times Newspaper Logo vs OPTI Engravers BT font similarity example

Engravers Old English BT is a serif typeface based on the lettering used for engraved certificates, invitations, and signs. It is a Gothic-style font with ornate and decorative details that give it a vintage and elegant look.

Engravers Old English BT was designed by Morris Fuller Benton and published by Bitstream in 1900. It is available in two styles: regular and bold. This font has a large x-height, narrow proportions, and sharp serifs, making it suitable for headlines, logos, and titles. It also supports many languages and symbols.

Ancient One

The New York Times Newspaper Logo vs Ancient Medium font similarity example

Ancient One is a fancy font that has a square and snail-like shape. Old and past styles inspire it. It can create a mysterious and ancient atmosphere. It is another font that bears resembles the logo of the paper.

Ancient One was created by Jayde Garrow in 2019. It is free for personal use but requires a $10 donation for commercial use. This font has only one style: regular. It supports uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and some symbols.

The Body Text Font: Georgia

The New York Times uses Georgia as its primary font for the body text of its articles. Georgia is a serif typeface created in 1993 by designer Matthew Carter and later hinted at by Tom Rickner for the Microsoft Corporation. Originally, the font was designed to blend legibility and stylishness when printed on small surfaces or on low-resolution screens.

Before 2017, the New York Times used NYT Imperial as its body text font. NYT Imperial was a custom version of Imperial, a serif typeface designed by Stanley Morison in 1929 for The Times of London.

The New York Times Font Generator

If you want to create a design that looks like the New York Times logo or text, you can use a free online tool called The New York Times Font Generator. This tool allows you to enter your text, choose your size and colors, and generate an image you can download. You can also choose between Chomsky and Georgia or any other fonts for your text.

More Fonts Suggestions For You

The New York Times font is a typeface with a cool and trendy look, but it may not suit every project or purpose. You may need different fonts that express different emotions and ideas. This depends on your audience, your message, your tone, and your style. That’s why we recommend you explore some of the following fonts:


The New York Times font is more than just a way to display words on paper or screen. It symbolizes history, culture, and journalism, shaping public opinion for over a century. By learning about the New York Times fonts, you can appreciate their design choices and their impact on readers. You can also use them for your creative projects, whether you want to emulate their style or challenge their authority.

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Thank you for reading!

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