The Boys Font

The Boys Font

What font was used in The Boys?

The boys font vs The boys logo similarity

The Boys font, also known as the Charlie Don’t Surf! the font is a custom font created by Junkohanhero. The font is heavily eroded and features tiny holes in some of the glyphs, giving it a distressed and damaged appearance. The font features all uppercase English letters, numbers, special characters, and basic Latin characters. It is commonly used for on-screen projects such as TV shows, graphic designs, posters, and website development. The font is similar to other fonts such as Acid Label, Action of the Time, Albatross, and Break On Through. The Boys font supports more than 30 languages and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. The designer of the font allows for personal use, but commercial usage requires permission from the creator.

Junkohanhero is one of the most active designers on the Internet. Some of his most popular works are Tox Typewriter, Cut the Crap, Phorssa, etc. So you can try checking him out. But if you’re looking for some more eye-catchy fonts then we recommend you Cyberpunk, Squid Game, And last but not least Almost Friday Font.

Font use

The Boys font, also known as the Charlie Don’t Surf! font can be used in a variety of projects and applications. Some common uses of the font include:

  1. Onscreen projects such as TV shows, documentaries, and title sequences.
  2. Graphic design projects such as posters, banners, and headlines.
  3. App and software development.
  4. Website development, including headlines and text-based design projects.
  5. Social media posts, including titles and captions.
  6. Collectibles such as caps, mugs, and t-shirts.
  7. Powerpoint presentations and text-based design projects.
  8. Merchandising such as stickers and wristbands.

The font is suitable for various genres like horror, sci-fi, thriller, and mystery. It is a good idea to use The Boys font in large spaces, such as headlines, as it has thick black strokes in the characters. It would be less suitable for body text on a website, for example. Click on our download link now to start using it right away!


If you are curious about the boys tv show then don’t worry we got you covered!

Interesting facts and bullet points about The Boys TV Show

  • The Boys is a television series developed for Amazon Prime Video, based on a comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

  • The show premiered on July 26, 2019, and has since released three seasons, with a fourth season announced.

  • The show is known for its gritty, violent, and dark humor, which sets it apart from other superhero shows.

  • The series has received critical acclaim, with particular praise for its performances, particularly that of Karl Urban as Billy Butcher and Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell.

  • The show’s creator, Eric Kripke, also created the popular series Supernatural.

  • The series has been praised for its commentary on the superhero genre and for tackling issues such as corporate greed, corruption, and the abuse of power.

  • The show’s theme song is “The F Word” by Mark Mothersbaugh and performed by Run the Jewels.

  • The Boys has been compared to the Watchmen, a similar genre series. But Watchmen is a DC comic book series and The Boys is a Marvel comic book series.

  • The series has a strong fan base and has been renewed for a fourth season.

  • The Boys is one of the most-watched original series on Prime Video.

Font View

Roblox font Free Download
Roblox font Free Download

Font Table

Full Font NameCharlie don’t surf!
VersionVer -1.01
Created & Modified DateJune 17, 2014
CopyrightCharlie don’t surf! ©junkohanhero 2014. All Rights Reserved
Unique Font IdentifierCharlie don’t surf!:Version 1.00
TypeTrueType and OpenType
What is The Boys font?

Ans: Charlie Don’t Surf! was slightly altered and used to create the poster of the popular American TV show “The Boys.” Since then, many people have started calling it The Boys Font.

Who designed this font?

Ans: Junkohanhero designed the Charlie Don’t Surf! font.

When was the Charlie Don’t Surf! font released?

Ans: The Charlie Don’t Surf! the font was released in June 2014.

Is this font free to use?

Ans: The Boys font is free only for private purposes. For commercial purposes, one has to buy it legally.

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