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Bleeding Cowboys Font Free Download

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If you are looking for a font that has a Western-style, grungy and distressed look with blood splatters and bullet holes, it’s the Bleeding Cowboys Font for you. It’s not just the aesthetic appeal that makes this font stand out – it’s also the story behind its creation. Now let’s learn more about this font and how to use the font generator.

Bleeding Cowboys Font and its Unique Features

Guillaume Seguin of Segments Design (aka Last Soundtrack) designed the Bleeding Cowboys font in 2007. Hardcore rock scene inspired him. Seguin was listening to Southern metal bands like Maylene and Sons of Disaster and wanted to create something that “smelled like a broken down … cowboy.” The result was a grunge-up, decorative-style font that features worn-looking Western letters with swashes and swoops appearing in unusual places.

Despite its widespread use, Seguin humorously admitted he couldn’t stand Bleeding Cowboys anymore. He likens it to what Nickelback is to rock ‘n’ roll. The font is free for personal use. But you need to contact the designer for commercial use.

Best Case Usage

The Bleeding Cowboys font is versatile and can be used in a variety of design projects. Its unique style makes it appropriate for album covers, T-shirts, and merchandising materials for rock and country bands. It has even found its way onto the cover of Daughtry’s “Leave This Town.”

However, its use is not limited to the music industry. The font’s grungy, western-inspired style can add rustic charm to any design project, making it a great choice for logos, posters, and even website designs.

Bleeding Cowboy Font Generator

If you want to see how your text looks in the Bleeding Cowboy font, you can use our Font Generator. To use our generator, follow these steps:

  • Type your text into the input box.
  • Adjust the size of your text by using the slider or typing the number in the box.
  • Choose the color of your text by using the color picker or typing the hex code in the box.
  • Choose the background color of your image by using the color picker or typing the hex code in the box.
  • Click on the “Download View” button to save your image as a PNG file.
  • Click on the “Download Font” button to download the font file as a ZIP file.

Font View

Bleeding Cowboy Font character
Bleeding Cowboy Font Symbols


The Bleeding Cowboys font is a testament to creativity and innovation in typography. Despite its creator’s mixed feelings about its popularity, there’s no denying that it has made a significant impact on the design world. Whether you’re a fan of its distinct style or simply curious about its story, the Bleeding Cowboys font is definitely worth exploring.

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