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Branded Printed Font Download

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Branded Printed is a script font that resembles the look of handwritten text on paper. It is a casual and playful font that can add a personal touch to any design. Today’s article will cover the features of this font. We’ll also look at where it should be used and some similar fonts. Finally, we’ll offer some tips for using it effectively.

Branded Printed Font Features

Branded Printed is a sans-serif font that has irregular shapes and strokes. It has a rough texture that resembles ink or pencil marks on paper. This font has uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols. It also supports multiple languages and has ligatures and alternates for some characters. Hannes von Döhren designed Brandon Printed Font Family and HVD Fonts published it. Brandon Printed has 8 styles and family package options.”

The font has a medium weight and a normal width. It has a low contrast between thick and thin strokes, which gives it a uniform appearance. The font has a low x-height and a high ascender and descender height, which makes it look tall and narrow. The font has a slight slant to the right, adding dynamism and movement to the text.

Where to Use This Font

People use Branded Printed for various purposes, such as logos, headlines, posters, flyers, invitations, labels, stickers, banners, cards, and more. It is suitable for any design that needs a handwritten or informal style. You can also use it to create contrast with other more formal or elegant fonts.

Some examples of where to use this font are:

  • A logo for a coffee shop or a bakery that wants to convey a cozy and friendly atmosphere.
  • A headline for a blog post or an article that wants to catch the reader’s attention with a catchy and quirky phrase.
  • A poster for a music festival or a concert that wants to showcase the artists’ names with a fun and creative flair.
  • An invitation for a birthday party or a wedding that wants to express the personality and style of the host or the couple.
  • A label for a product or a package that wants to stand out from the crowd with a unique and eye-catching design.
Branded Printed Font in Poster

You can check out the font generator and download it for free from there. And if you want to download web version or use it for business purposes, then you can purchase it from the buy font link.

Branded Printed Font Generator

Font View

Branded Printed Font Character
Branded Printed Font Symbols

Similar Fonts

Branded Printed is not the only font that has a handwritten or printed style. Many other fonts have similar characteristics and you can use them for similar purposes. Some of them are:

  • Sketch Block – A font that looks like it was sketched with a thick marker. It has bold and solid shapes that are slightly distorted and uneven. It is good for designs that need a strong and striking impact.
  • KG Miss Kindergarten – A font that looks like a child wrote it. It has simple and cute shapes that are slightly curved and wobbly. It is good for designs that need a sweet and innocent charm.
  • Paper Daisy – A font that looks cut out from paper. It has thin and delicate shapes that are slightly jagged and torn. It is good for designs that need a crafty and artistic touch.
  • Handy – A font that looks like it was drawn with a pen or a pencil. It has smooth and elegant shapes that are slightly varied and slanted. It is good for designs that need a classy and sophisticated flair.


Branded Printed is a font that not only adds personality and fun but also elevates the authenticity of any design. Embrace its irregular shapes, rough texture, and versatile applications to create captivating and memorable visuals that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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Thank you for reading!

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