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Cinzel Font Free Download

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Inspired by Roman inscriptions of the first century, Cinzel is a decorative font based on proportions found in classical Latin texts. It was designed by Natanael Gama and published by Ndiscovered. But it’s not revivalism. The text conveys the Latin alphabet’s ancient history while incorporating contemporary touches.

Features of Cinzel

With its strong and elegant appearance, this font is appropriate for various projects, from invitations to packaging to branding. But it’s not just about looks. Cinzel font also boasts many characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation marks, symbols, and ligatures, making it versatile for different languages.

And if you love experimenting with different styles, Cinzel font has you covered with six types: regular, bold, black, and italics. Mix and match these styles to create contrast and hierarchy in your designs. Want to take it a step further and add some decorative flair? Cinzel font also has a decorative variant featuring ornamental flourishes, making it ideal for logos, headlines, or titles.

Where to Use The Font

No matter where you use the Cinzel font, you can use it in endless ways. This versatile font can be used in various design projects, from branding and logo design to web design and digital media to print design and editorial work.

For branding and logo design, it is an excellent choice. This classic and sophisticated design can make your business or product stand out. Use it for taglines, slogans, or subheadings to add elegance to your brand identity.

This font shines in web design and digital media with high legibility and readability on screens of different sizes and resolutions. It suits headlines, banners, menus, buttons, or captions. This font will make your website, social media posts, and email newsletters look polished and professional.

But don’t stop there! Cinzel font can also make your print designs and editorial work stand out. It’s an excellent choice for headlines, posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, or books. Its strong and elegant appearance can catch the reader’s attention and create a memorable impression.

You can elevate your design projects with the Cinzel font, whether digital or print.

Cinzel Font Generator

If you want to try the Cinzel font before buying it, you can use our online font generator. A font generator allows you to type your text and see how it looks in different fonts and styles. You can also adjust text size, color, background, and alignment.

Just enter your text in the box and choose Cinzel from the dropdown menu. You can also customize your text with the various options below the box.

Fonts View

Cinzel Font Character map
Cinzel Font Symbols

Similar Fonts to Cinzel Font

If you like the font but want to explore other options, here are some similar fonts you might like:

  • Trajan: A serif font with 6 styles based on the inscription at the base of Trajan’s Column in Rome. It has a majestic and formal appearance that works well for display purposes.
  • Optimus Princeps: A serif font with 2 styles inspired by ancient Roman stone carvings. It has a refined and elegant shape suitable for various projects.
  • Forum: A serif font with 1 style based on classic Roman proportions. It has a round, friendly shape ideal for titles and captions.


Cinzel font is inspired by first-century Roman inscriptions and is based on classical Latin. It offers many styles and decorative variants. If you’re looking for a versatile, elegant, and easy-to-read font, Cinzel is the way to go.

If you liked this font and are looking for more similar fonts, check out our Bratz, Elden Ring, and Bluey fonts now.

Thank you for reading!

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