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What Font Is Used In Encanto?

Encanto movie is a Disney computer-animated musical fantasy comedy film. It gained widespread fame after its release. The logo font of this movie attracts people, so they begin searching the web for “Encanto font.” However, Disney owns the copyright, so they can use it for their merchandise and services. But we have found a font that is similar to the logo of Encanto. It is named Madrigal font after the Madrigal family in the movie. It is a fan-made font. Although it is called Madrigal font, people call it Encanto font sometimes. Disney is known to make unique and amazing beautiful fonts for their logos.

About The Font

Madrigal font is a decorative Disney font that is inspired by the logo font used in the Disney movie Encanto. It is designed and published by NubeFonts. In this font, the letters have thin lines and curved edges, while letters like I, L, and U have sharp edges. Its letter “O” has a small line coming out of the center. This font has 162 glyphs and 161 characters. You will find it in TTF files, and it supports 11 international languages.

Whether you’re looking to create beautiful invitations, greeting cards, or anything else that requires a touch of magic, the Encanto font is a perfect choice. This font is versatile and can be used in a variety of projects, such as branding, posters, stickers, blog headers, logos, weddings, signage, packaging, special announcements, photo overlays, wall art, social media, printables, bags, t-shirts, and more! So, get the Encanto font free by clicking the link below.

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Encanto Font Information

Full Font NameMadrigal Font
VersionVer. – 1.00
Created & Modified DateJanuary 30, 2022
CopyrightCopyright © 2022 by NubeFonts. All rights reserved.
Unique Font IdentifierMadrigal:Version 1.000

About The Movie

Encanto is a Disney computer-animated musical fantasy comedy film released in 2021. Directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard, who also directed the popular movie Zootopia, Encanto tells the story of an extraordinary Colombian family and is inspired by Colombian culture. The film features the voices of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Donna Cruz, Julio Manuel, and others.

In Encanto, the youngest member of a magical family must save their power, which is slowly fading away. Along the way, she discovers the true importance of family and heritage and learns to embrace her unique abilities. The film features an original score and a mix of traditional Colombian music and modern pop, creating an exciting and vibrant soundtrack.

Encanto was a critical and commercial success, receiving positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. It was nominated for several awards, including the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film, and won several accolades, including the Annie Award for Outstanding Animated Feature.

The film’s popularity can be attributed to its stunning animation, charming characters, and catchy musical numbers, which have been widely praised. Encanto has become a fan-favorite, with many people appreciating the film’s message of embracing diversity and celebrating one’s unique qualities. So, you should give it a try and watch it with your family.

License Information

This cartoon font is under Open Font License. So, you can customize as much as you want following the rules. It is also free for personal use.


If you’re a fan of the Disney movie, or simply love beautiful, decorative fonts, you’ll want to download the Encanto font today. The font is available for free and can be used for personal projects. So why wait? Get your hands on the Encanto font today and start creating something magical!

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