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Gentleman Font Family Download

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Gentleman font is a display typeface that features three different glyphs for each character, giving you more options to customize your text. In this article, we will talk about gentlemen and learn everything you need to know about it. We will also discuss a Gentleman font free alternative and how to download it.

What is the Gentleman Font and Who Made It?

Gentleman font is a display font created by VPcreativeshop, a type foundry based in Indonesia. The font was released in 2017 and has since gained popularity among designers and typographers. Designed in the style of the classic 19th century, but with a modern twist. The font has a high contrast between thick and thin strokes, creating a dynamic and elegant look. The font also has decorative elements, such as swashes and ligatures, that add more flair and personality to the text.

Gentleman Font Characters and Symbols

Gentleman font family consists of four weights: Light, Regular, Bold, and Black. Each weight has three alternative glyphs for every uppercase character, which can be accessed through OpenType features or different keyboard combinations. The font also supports multilingual characters, numerals, punctuation, and symbols. You can use the font for various design projects. Those include branding projects, home-ware designs, product packaging, wedding invitations, magazine headers, or simply as a stylish text overlay on any background image. You can also use it for smaller texts, such as captions, labels, or quotes.

Is There Another Font with the Same Name?

Yes, there is another font with the same name as the Gentleman font. It is also called Gentleman font but was designed by Juraj Chrastina, a type designer from Slovakia. This font is a sans-serif typeface with a geometric and minimalist style. It was released in 2013. Gentleman Font Family has four weights: Hairline, Light, Regular, and Bold. Juraj Chrastina owns the rights to Gentleman 100 Hairline.

Gentleman Font Family Characters and Symbols

The two fonts have different styles and characteristics, so they are not interchangeable. However, they both share a common trait of being elegant and refined fonts that suit various design purposes.

Try Our Gentleman Font Generator

If you want to see how your text looks in the Gentleman fonts before downloading them, use our Gentleman font generator. You can preview your text in the font in real time using our font generator. You can type your text, select the font weight, and customize it by adjusting the size, color, and background. You can also choose from different alternative glyphs for each character to create unique combinations.

Our font generator also lets you download both the customized preview image and the gentleman font itself. You can use the preview image for personal or commercial projects, such as social media posts, flyers, invitations, or cards. You can also use the font for your own designs after installing it on your computer.

Similar Fonts for Your Design

If you like the Gentleman font but want to explore other options, you can check out some similar fonts that we have selected for you. These fonts have similar styles or features to the font but with some variations or differences. You might find them useful for design projects.

  1. Serpentine Font
  2. Wild Words Font
  3. Hello Kitty Font
  4. Barbie Font
  5. Fnaf Font


Gentleman font is a display font that can add elegance and sophistication to your designs. It has four weights and three alternative glyphs for each character. It also supports multilingual characters, numerals, punctuation, and symbols. You can use it for both display and text purposes, depending on the font weight and size. You can also customize it by changing the text color and background.

If you want to explore other fonts similar to the Gentleman font, you can check out some of our recommendations. These fonts have similar styles or features as the Gentleman font but with some variations or differences.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. If you have questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!

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