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Knockout Font-Download Free

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Designers of the beautiful sans-serif Knockout Font are Jonathan Hoefler & Tobias Frere. The hand-crafted script font has 9 widths. With the appealing look, this good looking font is perfect for text and designing purposes. For product marketing with details, this font creates an extra impression to draw customers as well. Get your fancy knockout font family zip free download from the Free Fonts Vault.

TrueType Knockout font gives you a strong and eye-catchy design for marketing campaigns and advertisements. The closest match to this design font is Champion Gothic which has enough appealing look too. Also, there is the closest free alternative named Ringside which is also good in design. Well, knockout htf28 junior featherweight font free to download is a nice choice for any text and designs.


The Knockout font has the look to use in most of the fields. The handwritten font has a total of 33 styles in the family.

  • Cover Page: Some styles of the font family has beautiful looks for cover pages. They are also good for Banner making and presentation.
  • Text: The Knockout font family has a large number of fonts that are perfect for the text.
  • Design: Designers around the world found this rich font family greatly suitable for designing purposes. If you are a designer, you may find them good in the standard.

Knockout Font View


Font information

AuthorJonathan Hoefler & Tobias Frere-Jones
File FormatOTF, TTF
Font LicenceFree for personal use

Font Family

  1. Knockout Normal
  2. HTF Knockout 47 Bantamweight
  3. HTF Knockout 52 Cruiserweight
  4. HTF Knockout 48 Featherweight
  5. HTF Knockout 46 Flyweight
  6. HTF Knockout 67 Full Bantamweight
  7. HTF Knockout 72 Full Cruiserweight
  8. HTF Knockout 68 Full Featherweight
  9. HTF Knockout 66 Full Flyweight
  10. HTF Knockout 73 Full Heavyweight
  11. HTF Knockout 69 Full Lightweight
  12. HTF Knockout 71 Full Middleweight
  13. HTF Knockout 70 Full Welterweight
  14. HTF Knockout 53 Heavyweight
  15. HTF Knockout 27 Junior Bantamweight
  16. HTF Knockout 32 Junior Cruiserweight
  17. HTF Knockout 28 Junior Featherweight
  18. HTF Knockout 26 Junior Flyweight
  19. HTF Knockout 33 Junior Heavyweight
  20. HTF Knockout 29 Junior Lightweight
  21. HTF Knockout 31 Junior Middleweight
  22. HTF Knockout 30 Junior Welterweight
  23. HTF Knockout 49 Lightweight
  24. HTF Knockout 51 Middleweight
  25. HTF Knockout 34 Junior Sumo Regular
  26. HTF Knockout 74 Full Sumo Regular
  27. HTF Knockout 54 Sumo Regular
  28. HTF Knockout 92 Ultimate Cruiserweight
  29. HTF Knockout 93 Ultimate Heavyweight
  30. HTF Knockout 91 Ultimate Middleweight
  31. HTF Knockout 94 Ultimate Sumo
  32. HTF Knockout 90 Ultimate Welterweight
  33. HTF Knockout 50 Welterweight
  1. Oswald
  2. Champion Gothic
  3. Ringside
  4. Grotesque Black
  5. FS Dillon Bold
  6. FTN Bruhn Sans
  7. GT Pressura


Download Knockout font free from the Free Fonts Vault. Click the ‘Download Font’ button below and all good.

License Information

Free Fonts Vault presents the Knockout font free version for your personal use only. If you want to use the font for commercial purposes, make sure you buy it.

Fonts FAQs

What type of font is Knockout?

Ans: Knockout is a sans-serif handwritten font with 9 widths. It has 33 styles in the family and good for almost every fields

Is Knockout safe to download and use in My PC and MAC?

Ans: For PC and MAC you can download Knockout font, no problem. It is safe.

Is there any font similar to Knockout in Google Fonts?

Ans: Oswald font is the most similar to Knockout fonts in Google fonts.

Is it OK to use this on an online platform?

Ans: You can use the free version of Knockout font in an online platform but for personal use only.

How to install the Knockout font in Computer?

Ans: Click PC or Mac to install Knockout Font in your computer

To know some more that are not included here, contact us.

Thank You!

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Balle Cannon
April 24, 2020 11:18 pm

Thanks for sharing this font.

Dane Mike
July 7, 2020 4:29 am

Thanks for sharing this font.