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Mrs Eaves Font-Download Free

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The original designer of Mrs Eaves small-caps font was John Baskerville. He created this font in 1957 in Birmingham, England and named it after his wife Sarah Eaves. Zuzana Licko redesigned the font with the original face in 1996. Free to download Mrs Eaves Font is quite amazing with the contrast between thin and thick strokes. The font is also a Microsoft word font and included in Adobe fonts.

Baskerville wanted to create such a font style with the perfection that it was often criticized for accuracy, stark, and difficult to read. Licko reduced the contrast of the font so that it doesn’t spread ink on the printed format. Also, she gave Mrs Eaves Fonts the look of a petite caps. Later in 1999 she presented it in the competition and got the best context position for the usage.


Beautifully designed Mrs Eaves Font is quite appealing for the text format. After redesigning the font has got a unique outlook for the writing concepts.

  • Designing: Mrs Eavas font is very popular with the designers of various angles.
  • Content: For the text and heading Mrs Eavas is very useful for an attractive outlook.
  • Documentation: The font has the look to use in documentation.
  • Logos: You can design your logos with it.
  • Websites: I have seen various websites use this font.

Font TypeFace

Mrs Eaves Font Family View
Mrs Eaves Font Character Map
Character Map

License Information

Mrs Eaves font has both a free version and a paid version. You can use the free version for personal use. But, for commercial use, you have to purchase the license from the distributor.

Font information

NameMrs Eaves
AuthorZuzana Licko (1996), John Baskerville (1757)
File FormatTTF
Font LicenceFree for personal use

Mrs Eaves Font Family

  1. Mrs Eaves OT Roman 
  2. Mrs Eaves OT Italic 
  3. Mrs Eaves OT Bold 
  4. Mrs Eaves OT Bold Italic 
  5. Mrs Eaves Roman Lining
  6. Mrs Eaves Roman Small Caps
  7. Mrs Eaves Roman All Small Caps
  8. Mrs Eaves Roman All Petite Caps
  9. Mrs Eaves Roman Petite Caps
  1. Bentham
  2. URW Baskerville
  3. Baskerville Nova Pro
  4. New Baskerville FS
  5. Carrig Pro
  6. Carrig Basic
  7. Garvis Pro
  8. Winthorpe
  9. Freight Text Pro
  10. Baskerville Pro
  11. Baskerville
  12. Mysl font

Mrs Eaves Font Free Download

Press the ‘Download Font’ button below and get Mrs Eaves font for free to use for personal purposes only. After downloading the zip file you will have the full set of Mrs Eaves font.

Mrs Eavas Fonts FAQ

What type of font is Mrs Eaves?

Ans: Mrs Eaves is a petite small caps font with the structure of thin and thick strokes.

Is Mrs Eaves Font safe to download and use in My PC and MAC?

Ans: Mrs Eaves font is safe to use for both PC and MAC to download.

Is there any font similar to Mrs Eaves in Google Fonts?

Ans: Bentham is the most similar Google font to Mrs Eaves.

Is it ok to use this in an online platform?

Ans: You can use the Mrs Eaves fonts in an online platform with the paid version only. We are providing you the free version for personal use.

How to install Mrs Eaves font in Computer?

Ans: Click the installation process link for PC or Mac to install Mrs Eaves Font in your computer

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Marc Hatch
April 26, 2020 3:46 pm

Currently considering Mrs Eaves Font for my website logo design. Wish me luck!

Randee Redic
April 27, 2020 12:06 am

Very useful font, well done and thanks for sharing.

Georg ejap
July 8, 2020 5:36 am

Good font.

Timothy Druth
July 8, 2020 1:52 pm

This font has some good shapes. Thanks for the share.

Terry Fub
July 8, 2020 8:38 pm

Such color, many shapes, so sleek font. Love it!