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Nintendo Font Download

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Nintendo is one of the most famous and influential video game companies in the world. It has created many iconic games and characters, such as Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and Kirby. The Nintendo logo is also very recognizable with its red color and unique font. But the Nintendo font used in the company’s logo is a custom creation whose exact name remains undisclosed. So, you won’t find it anywhere.

But no worries! We found some fonts that look similar to the Nintendo logo. Your job will be done with them! So, stick with us till the end to find out more about these Nintendo fonts. But first, what is Nintendo?

About Nintendo and its history

Nintendo is a Japanese company that makes video games and video game consoles. It started in 1889 by making playing cards but later switched to video games in the 1970s. Some of its famous games and characters are Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and Kirby.

Nintendo has different consoles to play games on. Some of them are handheld, which means you can carry them around and play anywhere. Some of them are for the TV, which means you can play on a big screen. A few of them can do both, so you can switch between handheld and TV modes. You can buy these consoles from Nintendo’s website or other stores.

Nintendo is a fun and creative company that makes games for everyone. You can play games by yourself or with your friends, online or offline.

About Nintendo Fonts

As a result of extensive research, we found three fonts that match the Nintendo Logo. The fonts are Pretendo, RO Spritendo, and Nintender. Let’s dive in and learn more about them.


Nintendo Logo vs Pretendo Font similarity example

Pretendo is one of the font that is strikingly similar to the Nintendo logo. This sans-serif display font was designed by Erwin Denissen and released by High-Logic Foundry. Pretendo is a fun and nostalgic font that can be used for various purposes, such as logos, posters, banners, flyers, invitations, cards, stickers, labels, and more. It is a free font you can download and use for your personal projects.

RO Spritendo

RO Spritendo is one that resembles the Nintendo logo. Some even claim Nintendo used this font to create their logo. But we didn’t find any verification sources for that information. This is a geometric sans-serif. It was first published on DeviantArt.

Nintendo Logo vs RO Spritendo SemiBold Font similarity example


Nintender is a fan-made replica font that looks similar to the Nintendo Logo. This is another display font that you can use for your Nintendo-style design projects.

Nintendo Logo vs Nintender Font similarity example

Similar Fonts Like Nintendo

If you’re looking for similar fonts or Nintendo-inspired fonts, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the fonts that we found:

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct Logo vs Gilroy Extra Bold Font similarity example

Nintendo Directs started in 2011 as a way for Nintendo to communicate directly with its fans and customers without relying on traditional media outlets or events. The font used in the Nintendo Direct logo is actually Gilroy Extra Bold. You can download this font from us now and add it to your Nintendo collection.

Nintendo 3Ds

The Nintendo 3DS is a portable gaming device that lets you play games in 3D without needing special glasses. It also has augmented reality, online multiplayer, a 3D camera, and Mii characters. It was launched in 2011 as the successor to the Nintendo DS.

Nintendo 3DS used two font variations for its logo. Bank Gothic was used in the word “Nintendo” while Lucida Sans Demi was used for “3DS”. You need to purchase a license to use them since they are paid fonts.

Nintendo Font Generator


Nintendo is a legendary video game company that has a distinctive logo and style. However, the Nintendo font is not a real font but a custom design that is not available to the public. Fortunately, there are some alternatives to the Nintendo logo, such as Pretendo, RO Spritendo, and Nintender. These fonts are free for personal use and can help you create Nintendo-inspired designs. You can also find other fonts related to Nintendo products, such as Nintendo Direct and Nintendo 3DS, but you may need to pay for them.

For more font options, you can explore our Pokemon font, Kirby font, and Ahsing font. We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. If you have questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below.

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