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Bluey Font

What Font Was Used In The Bluey Logo Font?

What is Bluey Font? Bluey is an animated television show based in Australia. It’s very popular with children. So many people have started looking for the Bluey font logo for various reasons. But It is a custom-made font logo and, ABC and BBC Studios, the broadcasting companies, hold the copyright to its use in their marketing. So it’s not available to people for use. But we have found two fan-made fonts that are very similar to the Bluey cartoon logo font. They are Hello Headline and Magic sound. Let us now tell you everything there is to know about Bluey Font.

Magic Sound Font

The magic sound font is a fan-made comic display font influenced by the logo of the Bluey cartoon. With Imagex’s stylish magic font, you can add sophistication to your designs. With 178 glyphs and 176 characters, you can create any combination of designs. There are some special characters and symbols in the pack that will make your work unique. I highly recommend you check out this font because it closely mimics the show’s logo. So download it now and let your creativity run wild.


This font is free for personal use, but you will need to buy a license for commercial use. You can contact the designer or click here to buy the font.

We also found another font inspired by the Bluey Logo font. It is called Hello Headline. Veneta Rangelova created this font. A few characters such as “Y,” “I,” and “G” have been creatively replaced and reimagined with custom characters. It has 360 characters and 365 glyphs to choose from. So check it out now by downloading the link below!

Hello Headline Font


You can use this font for free for your personal design projects. But you must obtain a commercial license to use it for business purposes. Contact the designer or click on this link to purchase it.

Bluey Font Generator

Characters View


About Bluey TV show and Its Logo

Bluey is a popular Australian children’s animated television show that is produced by Ludo Studio for ABC Kids and BBC Studios. It was first released in 2018. The show follows the adventures of a young Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey and her family as they play and have fun together. The show has become very popular, not only in Australia but also internationally, due to its relatable storylines and lovable characters.

The Bluey logo is a stylized representation of the show’s titular character, Bluey the Puppy. The logo features a blue and white color scheme, with the word “Bluey” written in a unique font. The font is a custom design, created specifically for the show, and has become a recognizable aspect of the Bluey brand.

The show has received numerous awards and accolades, including several Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) awards and an International Emmy Award for Best Children’s and Young People’s Animation. It has also received positive reviews from both audiences and critics for its humor, heart, and relatable themes.

In addition to its success on television, Bluey merchandise, including toys, books, and clothing, has become popular among fans of the show. The show has also been praised for its representation of diverse families and its positive representation of fathers in media.


In conclusion, the Bluey logo font has generated a lot of interest among fans of the show. While the official font used in the logo is not available for public use, there are two fan-made fonts that closely mimic the Bluey logo font.

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Thank you for reading.

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