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Sesame Street Font

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Sesame Street font is used in the logo of the beloved children’s show Sesame Street. It is a long-running children’s television show that features a colorful community of monsters, birds, grouches, and humans. Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett created the Sesame Street show in 1969. It has been teaching, educating and entertaining children for over 50 years with laughter and fun. Many of its characters became famous and got their shows, such as Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Ernie and Bert, Grover, etc.

About the Sesame Street Sign Logo and Font

One of the most iconic parts is when the Sesame Street sign “123 Sesame Street” logo appears at the beginning of the show. It consists of a yellow and green street sign with the word “Sesame Street” and a “123” mark above.

Sesame Street Logo vs Interstate Bold Compressed Font similarity example

They used the Interstate Bold compressed font to create the customized logo. Tobias Frere Jones designed and published this bold sans-serif font. He was inspired by the signage alphabets used by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration when creating this font.

Sesame Street Logo vs Alternate One Font similarity example

But Insterstate Bold Compressed is a commercial font. So you need to purchase it before using it. However, we have some free alternative fonts for you! The two fonts are Alternate One and Warsaw Gothic. You can download and use them for free.

Sesame Street Logo vs Warsaw Gothic One Font similarity example

Sesame Street Font Generator

If you want to create your own Sesame Street sign or logo, you can use our Sesame Street font generator. You can use it to see how your text looks in different fonts and colors. You can also adjust the size and background of your text and download both the preview image and the font file.


The Sesame Street logo has become an iconic part of the show. So, fans and designers can use the Sesame Street fonts above to create Sesame-themed designs or add their twist to them. You can also check out the fonts for free on our font generator.

If you liked the show but are looking for more similar fonts, then we suggest you try out Peppa Pig, Baby Shark, Bluey, and Looney Tunes Font.

Thank you for reading.

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