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Century Schoolbook Font Download

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Century Schoolbook font is a serif typeface that Morris Fuller Benton designed in 1919 and published in 1924. Morris Fuller Benton was a famous typeface designer and publisher. His father was Linn Boyd Benton who was also a well-known and respected typeface designer of his time. He designed this famous typeface for easy reading, especially for children’s textbooks. So, many Americans from that era grew up learning and reading books set in Century Schoolbook font. So, this font also creates a nostalgic feeling. And today we will take a deep dive into this font. We will learn about Century Schoolbook, the history behind it, and some of the best pairing options for this font.

Century Schoolbook Font Family and Features

Century Schoolbook is a transitional serif font. Transitional serif fonts are serif fonts in between old-style and modern fonts, with elements of both. They have high contrast between thick and thin strokes, vertical stress, and wide and bracketed serifs. Century Schoolbook font is a serif font with thin and thick lines. It comes from Britain so it is called British style and was used a lot in America in the 1800 and 1900s.

Century Schoolbook comes in two weights – regular and bold — each with matching italics. There is also a condensed and monospaced version available. Century Schoolbook supports Latin characters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols.

New Century Schoolbook

New Century Schoolbook font is a transitional serif typeface based on Century Schoolbook. It retains the essence of the original while introducing subtle changes to cater to contemporary design requirements. It was created by Linotype Type Foundry and has four weights, regular, Roman, bold-italic, and bold. It supports the Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek languages.

Effectivity of Century Schoolbook Font

Century Schoolbook font is a versatile and effective font that can be used for various purposes. It can create a classic and elegant impression for your book design, or a friendly and warm look for your invitation or greeting card. It can also convey a professional and authoritative tone to your report or presentation. Century Schoolbook font adapts to different themes and moods, depending on the style and color you choose. The choice of design enhances readability, especially in printed schoolbooks, making it a favorite among educational institutions worldwide.

Font View

Century Schoolbook Characters
Century Schoolbook Symbols

Century Schoolbook Font Generator

Interested in seeing how Century Schoolbook looks in your designs? Try our Century Schoolbook Font Generator now! Our font generator is easy to use and provides a real-time preview of the changes. You can experiment with different combinations and find the best one for your design. You can also share your creation with others or save it for later use.

Font Pairing with Century Schoolbook

Century Schoolbook pairs beautifully with a variety of fonts. For a harmonious look, consider pairing it with sans-serif fonts like Futura or Helvetica. You can also pair it with other classic serif fonts, such as Proxima Nova, Baskerville, or Palatino. These fonts have similar proportions and contrast to Century Schoolbook.

Century Schoolbook + Futura

Century Schoolbook and Futura font pairing

Century Schoolbook + Helvetica

Century Schoolbook and Helvetica font pairing

Century Schoolbook + Proxima Nova


Century Schoolbook + Baskerville

Century Schoolbook and Baskervilla Font pairing

Free Alternative Fonts for Your Design

If you like Century Schoolbook font, you might also like these similar fonts that have a classic and readable feel:


Century Schoolbook font is a great choice for your design if you want a classic and readable serif font. Its ease of reading and classic appeal make it a favorite for many, from educational institutions to designers. Whether you’re working on a school project or designing a book cover, Century is a reliable choice.

If you want to explore more fonts like Century Schoolbook font, you can check out our website, where you can find thousands of free fonts for personal and commercial use. You can also share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you for reading.

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