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DejaVu Sans Font Download

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Are you tired of using plain and limited fonts for your multilingual projectsIntroducing DejaVu Sans, is the typeface with improved styles and Unicode support. Created by the DejaVu Fonts project, a group of talented volunteer developers from around the globe, DejaVu Sans is an open-source font that will enhance your text display on various platforms and devices.

Versatile Features of DejaVu Sans

DejaVu Sans boasts an impressive range of features that make it a versatile and comprehensive font, including:

Wide Range of Characters

With more than 9,000 glyphs, DejaVu Sans covers a vast range of languages and characters, including Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Georgian, Hebrew, Arabic, Thaana, Devanagari, Bengali, Tamil, Lao, Tibetan, and many more. It also supports symbols, punctuation marks, mathematical operators, and ligatures.

Multiple Styles

DejaVu Sans comes in nine different styles, including Book, Bold, Oblique, Bold Oblique, Condensed, Condensed Bold, Condensed Oblique, Condensed Bold Oblique, and ExtraLight. The Condensed styles are narrower than the regular ones, while the ExtraLight style is thinner than the Book style.

Metric Compatibility

DejaVu Sans is metrically compatible with Bitstream Vera Sans and Arial, meaning it has the same character widths and spacing. This makes it easy to substitute DejaVu Sans for these fonts without affecting the layout.

Open Source License

DejaVu Sans is licensed under the Bitstream Vera License and its derivative projects license. This means that it is free to use, modify, and distribute for any purpose.

Usage of DejaVu Sans

DejaVu Sans is ideal for text display on various platforms and devices, including web pages, user interfaces, documents, presentations, and other applications that require multilingual support and clarity. Although it can also be used for print purposes, it may look too plain and generic compared to different fonts.

DejaVu Sans Font Generator

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DejaVu Sans Font Character
DejaVu Sans Font Symbols

Similar Fonts

If you’re looking for alternatives or variations to DejaVu Sans, consider some of these similar fonts:

  • Bitstream Vera Sans: The original font that DejaVu Sans is based on. Bitstream Vera Sans has a similar design to DejaVu Sans but with fewer characters and languages supported.
  • Arial: A popular sans-serif font designed by Monotype, Arial has a similar design to DejaVu Sans. But with more rounded shapes and less distinctive features.
  • Liberation Sans: Designed by Steve Matteson for Red Hat, Liberation Sans is metrically compatible with Arial and Helvetica, but with more characters and languages supported.
  • Noto Sans: Designed by Google as part of the Noto project, Noto Sans aims to cover all the scripts and symbols in Unicode with a harmonious and consistent design.


DejaVu Sans is a versatile and comprehensive typeface designed for multilingual support and readability on various platforms and devices. With its wide range of characters, multiple styles, metric compatibility, and open-source license, DejaVu Sans is an excellent font choice for text display on web pages, user interfaces, and other applications. Try out DejaVu Sans today and elevate your multilingual projects.

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