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Demon Blade Font Free Download

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Get your hands on the unique and fancy looking Demon Blade Font! This blackletter typeface, created by Kong Font, has an elegant calligraphy style and brings the vibe of the middle ages to your designs. With over 357 glyphs and 360 characters, including special characters and unique numerals, it’s sure to make your designs stand out. And the best part? It’s available in OpenType, TrueType, and Web Open Font Format, making it compatible with both Windows and Mac. Simply click the download button and start using Demon Blade Font in your next project!

Fontkong is a popular creative design studio that started in 2007 and has created over 641 fonts since then. They have been releasing new and updated fonts regularly, impressing the community, and some of their most popular fonts are High Jersey, Hey Jenifer, Retrow Metho, Eastwood, Amatemora, etc. For any further assistance/information regarding the font you can directly contact the owner through the mentioned links below:

Here is Their Paypal account for donation:

You can also follow their social media for updates:
Twitter: @KongFont
Instagram: font_kong
Facebook: Kong Font

Where to use Demon Font

examples of Demon Font used in every ways

Bring a touch of the past to your modern designs with the Demon Blade Font! Perfect for movies with a historical theme, this font is the ideal choice for eye-catching headings and subheadings. Add a touch of elegance to special events like weddings and birthdays by using Demon Blade Font in your invitations. This versatile font is also great for restaurant opening banners, video games with historic settings, and creating charming wedding invitations. Let Demon Blade Font enhance your designs in every way.

The demon blade typeface is also suitable for Logotype, Branding Design, Logo Design, Digital Lettering Arts, T-Shirt or Apparel, posters, magazines, Signs, and Advertising Design, and is also suitable for your other projects’ branding. Not only limited to that options only. you also use this font on your personal design projects to add some cultural aesthetic touch to it. So, click on the download link below and try it out now!

Available File Font Formats

  1. Demon Blade.otf
  2. Demon Blade.ttf
  3. Demon Blade.woff

Demon Blade Typeface View

Demon Blade Typeface Character map
Demon Blade Typeface Font View

Font Information

Full Font NameDemon Blade
VersionVer-. 1.00
Created DateDecember 21, 2020
CopyrightTypeface © (Kong Font). 2020. All Rights Reserved (kongvector@gmail.com).
PublisherKong Font
TypeTrueType, OpenType, And Web Open Font Format

License Information

Demon Blade Typeface is a freeware software meaning you can only use it free for personal use! If you want to create a design based on it for sale or any other commercial purposes then you must obtain a license from the creator. You can contact them at: fontkong@gmail.com for more information.

Similar Fonts

  • Rackles Blackletter Typeface
  • Cattedrale Font
  • Hijrah Display Gothic Font
  • Wilson Wells Blackletter Font

Supported Language

This font has multi-lingual support. Like: Afrikaans, Albanian, Aymara, Basque, Bislama, Breton, Catalan; Valencian, Chamorro, Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, etc.


The Demon Blade Font adds a touch of historical elegance to any design project. Its versatility and unique blackletter style make it a standout among contemporary typefaces. And if you’re in search of more font options, then we also offer popular fonts like Brasika, Bratz, and Horizon fonts, each with its own special charm. So why not check them out now and take your designs to the next level by adding the Demon Blade Font and its font friends to your toolkit today!


What Type of Font is it?

Ans: The Demon Blade font is a contemporary blackletter font.

Who is the designer of this font?

Ans: Kong Font is the designer and publisher of the demon blade font.

Is it a free font?

Ans: No, for personal purposes you can use this font. But for commercial usage, you must obtain the original license.

What is blackletter font?

Ans: Black letter fonts are also known as gothic and old English letters. they are inspired by the middle age culture.

What is a similar font to this one?

Ans: Rackles Blackletter Typeface is the most similar font to the demon blade typeface.

Where can I use this font?

Ans: With a commercial license you can use this font anywhere.

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