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Editor Font Download

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Text editors and code editors use the Editor font, a monospaced font. It is a modern serif font that is easy to read. The font is characterized by its uniform width and spacing, which makes it ideal for use in coding environments where alignment is important.

Key Features of the Font

The Editor font has a clean, modern appearance, making it easy to read. Each character takes up the same amount of space. Its uniform width and spacing make it a perfect fit for coding environments.

Where to use Editor font

Editor font is ideal for text editors, code editors, and other coding environments. It is also a good choice for documents requiring a clean, modern look.

This font is available for personal use without any cost, but if someone wants to use it commercially or receive support for using it, they need to contact the author or the creator of the font. It’s essential to note that using the font for commercial purposes without permission could be a violation of copyright laws. Therefore, it’s always better to contact the author and seek their permission before using the font commercially or for any business purposes.

Editor Font Generator

Font View

Editor Font Character map
Editor Font Character

Font Information

Full Font NameEditor
VersionVer. – 1.00
Modified DateJanuary 1, 1994
CopyrightEditor is a product of MicroLogic Software, Inc.
Unique Font IdentifierMicroLogic Software: Editor: 1994

Similar fonts to the Editor

  • Consolas
  • Courier New
  • Lucida Console
  • Monaco
  • Inconsolata

In conclusion, Editor font is a great choice for anyone who needs a clean, modern font that is easy to read and ideal for coding environments. Its uniform width and spacing make it perfect for aligning code and text in a way that is easy to read and understand.

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Thank you!

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