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Girl Scouts Font Download

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Looking for girl scouts font? GSUSA Girl Scout Overseas and United States Girl Scout councils use Trefoil, GSUSA’s branded font, on marketing and promotional materials. Trefoil Sans is a sans-serif font developed exclusively for Girl Scouts. Neil Summerour of Positype designed it. Trefoil Sans and Trefoil Slab represent only a portion of the integrated, focused typefaces developed exclusively for Girl Scouts.

This font is used in graphics and templates for volunteer use and by approved council vendors for product and merchandise purposes. However, it isn’t available to the public.

But we found a similar font called Vegur Bold. This font is free to download and use commercially. It has a similar look and feels to the Trefoil font. You can compare it in the image below.

Girl Scout logo vs font similarity

About Vegur Bold

Vegur Bold is a sans-serif font. Sora Sagano designed this font. It is a free font that can be used for commercial purposes.

This sans-serif font offers a clean and modern look, making it an ideal choice for websites, marketing materials, and more. Its bold weight ensures your text is easily visible and attention-grabbing, while its five font variations give you plenty of options. Its readability makes it versatile for many projects, whether creating a sleek and professional business presentation or a bold and eye-catching poster. With its combination of style and practicality, Vegur Bold will make a lasting impression on your audience. So why wait? Try Vegur Bold today and take your designs to the next level!

Girls Scouts Logo and History

Girls Scouts Logo and History

Girl Scouts is a youth organization that aims to empower girls and help them develop skills, values, and leadership. It was founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low, who was inspired by Robert Baden-Powell’s Scouting movement in the UK. She wanted to create an opportunity for girls to explore the outdoors, serve their communities, and discover their potential.

The Girl Scouts logo has evolved over time, reflecting the organization’s changes and growth. The first Girl Scout logo, from before 1900, combined a trefoil and a gold lily. It has a white fill and a black border. In 1978 Girls Scouts introduced a distinct new emblem logo. It became an instant hit and synonym with Girl Scouts ever since. The new logo was designed by Saul Bass, a renowned graphic designer who created many iconic logos for various companies and institutions. He used the trefoil shape as a background and added three profiles of girls facing forward, representing diversity, unity, and confidence. Everyone praised it and gave it universal acclaim.

Girl Scouts Font Generator

If you’re not sure how to use the Vegur Bold font, Our Girl Scouts font generator can help. Our website has a font generator available online that allows you to see how your text will look in the font. That can be an excellent way to experiment with different designs and find inspiration for your project.

Font View

Girl Scouts Font Character map
Girl Scouts Font Symbols

Girl Scouts have come a long way since their inception. It gave girls the chance to explore outdoor activities, serve their communities, and discover their potential.

In Conclusion,

Girl Scouts font is actually a font called Trefoil. It is a custom font and Girl Scouts Association holds the copyright to it. But we found a free alternative and it’s called Vegur Bold font. This Sans-Serif Font can be a great choice for headlines, titles, and short phrases. So, if you want to add flair to your next design project, try Jokerman!

If you liked this font and are looking for more similar fonts, check out our Crispy TofuMamma MiaMardi Gras, and Cinzel font now!

Thank you for reading!

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