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HogwartsWizard Font Free Download

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Looking for some magic in your designs? Are you a Harry Potter fan? Take a look at the HogwartsWizard font! Created by Hallmark Cards, Inc. for Warner Brothers in 2000, this font is based on Connie Smiley and was developed by Bud Braman.

HogwartsWizard Font Characteristics

HogwartsWizard is a fancy, curly font with decorative shapes. A semi-light weight and medium width, with a bold Mac style, are the characteristics of this font. With 174 glyphs and support for Unicode 1.0 semantics, this font is perfect for adding a touch of magic to your designs. However, please note that the font is licensed for personal use only.

Where to Use This Font

HogwartsWizard is perfect for a range of purposes. From logos and headlines to If you’re a Harry Potter fan! It’s an especially great choice for fan art, merchandise, invitations, and more. Plus, you can pair it with other fonts to create contrast and harmony. Try combining it with a simple sans serif font for a modern and clean look, or a script font for a magical and whimsical feel.

HogwartsWizard Font Generator

Font View

HogwartsWizard Font Character
HogwartsWizard Font Symbols

Similar Fonts to HogwartsWizard

If you love the font, you may also enjoy these similar fonts:

  • Lumos: This font is based on the lettering used for the Harry Potter book covers, featuring a bold and geometric style, with some letters resembling lightning bolts or stars.
  • Magical Me: Inspired by Gilderoy Lockhart’s handwriting, a character from the Harry Potter books, this font has an elegant cursive style, with some letters boasting flourishes or curls.
  • Parry Hotter: Based on the Harry Potter logo, this font features a thick and curved style, with some letters boasting flames or sparks.


Add some magic to your designs with HogwartsWizard font, perfect for all your Harry Potter-related projects. With its fancy and curly style, this font is sure to enchant and captivate your audience. So what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity and start designing today!

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Thank you for reading!

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