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Loki Font Free Download

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Hello guys! Are you looking for Loki font? Then you have come to the right place! Because today we will talk about the Loki font and where to download it.

Loki is a God from Asgard. He became popular after Marvel introduced the character in its first The Avengers movie. Since then, the mischief Loki has become a well-known name around the household. Recently Marvel released a TV series named Loki. And the Title name Loki has attracted fans around the world. They are trying to find the font that was used in the logo font.

What Font Was Used in Loki?

Today we will talk about the Loki font used in TV series. After some careful analysis and research, we have found that a few different fonts were used in designing the Loki logo font. These fonts are Demeron font, Cloister font, and ARB 85 poster script Jan 39 font. The logo was created with these combined fonts. Let’s check out which font comes from which font:

L = Dameron font by Iconian Fonts was used for the letter “L”
O = Cloister Black by Dieter Steffmann or Old English™ by ITC was used for the letter “O”
K = ARB 85 Poster Script JAN-39 by Fontry was used for the letter “K”
I = Cloister Black à € by Dieter Steffmann or Old English™ by ITC was chosen for the letter “I”

Loki logo font vs Loki similar fonts example

After proper research, we found that the above fonts were used to develop the logo.

Dameron Font

Dameron is a Techno scrip font. It is designed by Daniel Zadorozmy and published by Iconian fonts. It is available free to download for personal use. For commercial purposes, you can contact the designer at his email: [email protected]. You can download the free version by clicking the link below.

Cloister Black

Cloister Black is a Gothic font designed by Dieter Steffmann. He is a well-known designer in the community. Some of his other fonts are Old London, Honey Script, and Snowtop Caps. Cloister Black is free for personal use. You can download the font now by clicking the link below.

Old English™ by ITC is another font that is similar to Cloister Black. But it is a paid font. So, you must purchase a license to use it. So, you can click on the link to buy the font.

ARB 85 Poster Script JAN-39

As a final font in Loki font, ARB 85 Poster Script JAN-39 was used. This is an attractive style with a swing that is suitable for poster and card work. It is bold and heavy, but elegant at the same time. This font is published by fontry. It is also a freeware font. Which means you can use it for free on your personal projects. For commercial use, you can contact the designer at this email: [email protected]

Loki Font View

Dameron Font Character map
Cloister Black Font Character map
ARB 85 Poster Script JAN 39 Font Character map

About Loki


The Marvel character Loki has gained popularity over the years due to its popularity. In 2011, he appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Thor,” and since then, he has appeared in a number of films, including “The Avengers” and “Thor: Ragnarok.” In 2021, Loki was given his own television show on Disney+, which helped him gain fame.

As a Marvel character, Loki’s influence on popular culture is one of his greatest achievements. The mischievous character, known for his crafty schemes, sharp wit, and mischievous actions, has become well known. One of the most adored Marvel characters, he has a passionate audience all over the world.

Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki in the MCU, has also seen tremendous success because of the role. Fans and critics alike have praised Hiddleston’s take on the role.

The Loki TV series, which follows Loki’s path after “Avengers: Endgame,” has been a huge success for Marvel. A number of award-winning writers, performers, and explorations of concepts such as identity and free will have been praised in the show’s first season. A second season of the show has already been announced by Disney, which has also opened the door to future ventures.


To sum up, the Dameron, Cloister, and ARB 85 Poster Script JAN-39 typefaces were combined to create the Loki font used in the Loki TV series logo. Each typeface was utilized to generate a separate letter for the logo. Although you cannot download or buy the Loki font itself, you can use the individual fonts that were used to make it for personal use. For anyone wishing to use the Loki font or find similar fonts for their projects, this information is very useful. You can download them now and start using them right away.

And if you liked it and are looking for more Marvel-inspired fonts then check out our Wolverine, Marvel, and Bratz fonts.

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