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M&M’s Font & Logo Download

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Welcome to M&M’s font! If you don’t know what it is, we will give you a brief introduction. M&M is a famous candy-coated chocolate brand introduced in 1941 by Mars, Inc. Candy is known for its colorful and catchy logo. It features two large letters M’s with a small ampersand in between, enclosed in an oval shape. The logo has become a symbol of fun, sweetness, and variety, as well as a marketing tool for the company.

About M&M’s logo

M&M's Font logo

M&M candy was created by two men who shared the initial M in their names: Forrest E. Mars and Bruce Murrie. They were both sons of famous candy makers. Mars was the son of Frank C. Mars, the founder of Mars, Inc., And Murrie was the son of William F. R. Murrie, the president of Hershey’s. They formed a partnership in 1941 to produce candy-coated chocolate that could withstand warm temperatures and be easily transported. They got the idea from a British candy called Smarties, which Mars saw during the Spanish Civil War. They named their product M&M, using their last names.

M&M’s font logo is a simple yet catchy logo that represents the famous candy-coated chocolate brand. The logo has two big letter M’s with a small sign in the middle, inside an oval shape. The logo has a brown color that matches the candy’s chocolate flavor.

M&M’s are one of the most successful and recognizable candy brands in the world, with over 100 countries selling them. They are also known for their catchy slogan, “the milk chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hand”, and their colorful characters that represent each flavor.

What Font Is M&m Logo?

M&M’s font logo uses a custom typeface designed specifically for the brand. However, there are some fonts similar or inspired by the logo, and you can use them for your own projects. The letter “m” in the logo resembles a font called Aachen SB-Medium. Additionally, the ampersand symbol (&) and the letter “s” are very similar to another font, ITC Lubalin Graph Demi.

M&m logo vs Aachen Medium Font similarity example

Aachen Medium is a slab-serif font designed by Colin Brignall and Alan Meeks in 1969. It is a bold and heavy font with thick and square serifs, as well as rounded corners and curves. It is very similar to the M&M logo in shape and style. However, it has some differences in details, such as the angle of the ampersand and the width of the letters.

Lubalin Graph is another slab-serif font designed by Herb Lubalin and Tony DiSpigna in 1974. It is based on Lubalin’s earlier font ITC Avant Garde Gothic but with added serifs. It is also similar to the M&M logo in shape and style. However, it has some differences in details, such as the length of the series and the height of the letters.

M&m logo vs ITC lubalin graph Font similarity example

Try our M&m’s Font Generator

Interested in experimenting with M&M’s font styles? Check out our m&m font generator. Type in your text, select the Aachen or Lubalin font and customize it by adjusting the size, color, and background. Get a real-time preview of the changes and download both the customized preview and the font itself. It’s easy as pie. So, try it now!

Suggested Fonts

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These fonts, like the m&m font, have unique characteristics that can elevate your design projects. You can also check out OnlyFans, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more!

Thanks for reading!

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