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Shrikhand Font Download Free

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If you are looking for a bold, expressive, and eye-catching font, you might want to try Shrikhand font, a display typeface that supports the Gujarati and Latin writing systems. So, buckle up. Today we will take a journey to look into Shrikhand and what makes it stand out and learn more about the font.

What makes Shrikhand stand out?

Shrikhand is inspired by the colorful and vibrant hand-painted lettering that can be seen on the streets of Gujarat, India. The name (શ્રીખંડ) is a sweet and creamy Gujarati dessert that is a particular favorite of the designer Jonny Pinhorn. Shrikhand is a sort of Gujarati Cooper Black, a famous ultra-bold serif typeface designed by Oswald Bruce Cooper.

Shrikhand has a distinctive look that combines fat curves, sharp angles, and playful loops. It has medium contrast and a soft bracket serif style. It suits headlines, posters, logos, and other display purposes. Shrikhand can also create a contrast with thinner or more geometric fonts.

How and where to use the font?

You can use Shrikhand for various projects requiring bold and expressive typography. For example, you can use it to create catchy logos or slogans for your brand or business. You can also design posters or flyers for events, festivals, or promotions.

This font makes attractive headlines or titles for your blog or website possible. Add some flair to your social media posts or stories. You can also craft fun invitations or cards for your friends or family.

Shrikhand is easy to use and compatible with most applications. You can download it as a TTF file and install it on your computer or use it as a web font by linking it from Google Fonts. You can also use online tools like Google Docs, Canva, or Figma to access and apply the font.

Shrikhand Font Generator

Font View

Shrikhand Font Character
Shrikhand Font Symbols

Similar Fonts

If you like Shrikhand font, you might also like these similar fonts that have a bold and curvy style:

  • Cooper Black: The original ultra-bold serif typeface that inspired Shrikhand. It has a round and friendly appearance suitable for retro or vintage designs.
  • ChunkFive: A slab serif typeface that has thick and sturdy strokes. It has a strong, confident look that is ideal for headlines or logos.
  • Fredoka One: A rounded sans-serif typeface with a soft and smooth shape. It has a playful and cheerful vibe that is perfect for children’s books or cartoons.


Shrikhand font is a great choice if you want to add some spice and sweetness to your typography. It is a free and versatile font supporting Gujarati and Latin scripts. It has a unique and expressive design influenced by Indian culture and cuisine. You can use it for various display purposes and impress your audience with its bold and curvy style.

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Thank you a lot!

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