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Top Gun Font

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Top Gun, the quintessential 80s blockbuster, is not just known for its high-flying action sequences and memorable quotes but also for its iconic logo and typography. The fonts used in the movie’s logo and promotional materials have become synonymous with the film, embodying its spirit and energy.

Top Gun Movie Poster Logo vs ITC Machine and ITC Franklin Gothic and Univers font similarity

ITC Machine

The primary font used in the Top Gun logo is a customized version of the ITC Machine font. With its bold, industrial feel, this typeface is reminiscent of aviation’s mechanical and technical aspects. The designer added wing-like features to both sides of the text and increased the counter size of the “O,” “P,” “G,” and “U,” creating a unique and instantly recognizable logo.

ITC Franklin Gothic

Taglines and additional text in the Top Gun movie use ITC Franklin Gothic as another font. This font complements the primary logo with its robust, bold characters, providing a balanced and cohesive visual appeal.

Univers Font

Top Gun uses the Univers font for the movie credits. The clean, minimalist design of Univers adds a touch of modern sophistication to the credits, contrasting nicely with the boldness of the primary logo.

Top Gun poster logo vs Top gun font similarity example

The Top Gun logo has inspired a font of its own, aptly named the “Top Gun” font. This font captures the essence of the original logo, allowing fans and designers to incorporate the iconic Top Gun style into their projects.

Top Gun Font Generator

The Top Gun Font Generator is a handy tool for those looking to recreate the Top Gun style in their designs. This online tool allows users to input their text and generate an image with that text in the type of the Top Gun logo.

About Top Gun Movie

Top Gun is an iconic American action drama film released in 1986, directed by Tony Scott. The film stars Tom Cruise as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, a talented fighter pilot. Alongside his Radar Intercept Officer, Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, played by Anthony Edwards. They’re sent to an elite U.S. flying school, Top Gun.

The movie follows Maverick’s journey as he competes against the top Navy pilots. This includes his main rival, Tom “Iceman” Kazansky, portrayed by Val Kilmer.

Simultaneously, Maverick engages in a romantic relationship with Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood. She is a civilian instructor at the academy, played by Kelly McGillis.

The film is renowned for its high-octane aerial sequences, memorable soundtrack, and notable dialogue. “Top Gun” was a commercial success, becoming a significant cultural phenomenon and inspiring real-world interest in naval aviation. It also boosted the careers of its main stars, notably Cruise.


The typography of Top Gun is as iconic as the movie itself. The use of ITC Machine, ITC Franklin Gothic, Univers fonts, and customized Top Gun font creates a visual identity that is instantly recognizable and deeply connected to the film’s themes of speed, adventure, and high-stakes drama.

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