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Urbanist Font Download

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Are you looking for a font that can give your designs a fresh and contemporary look? Do you want a font that can adapt to different contexts and purposes? If so, you might want to check out Urbanist Font, a modern and versatile typeface that can suit your design needs.

What is Urbanist Font?

Urbanist Font is a sans-serif font that was created by Corey Ginnivan in 2020. It is inspired by the urban environment and the geometric shapes that can be found in it. It features clean and simple lines, rounded corners, and balanced proportions. Urbanist Font is designed to be flexible and adaptable, with 18 styles ranging from thin to black, and support for over 200 languages.

This font is perfect for logos, headlines, posters, websites, apps, etc. You can also pair it with other fonts to create stunning combinations.

What are the Features and Benefits of The Font?

Urbanist Font has many features and benefits that can enhance your designs. Here are some of them:

  • It has a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols, and multilingual support.
  • It has 18 styles that can give you more options and flexibility to customize your texts. You can choose from thin, extra light, light, regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, extra bold, and black, each with an italic version.
  • It has stylistic alternates that can give your texts a more unique and dynamic look. You can access them through OpenType features or by using the glyphs panel in your software.
  • It has a modern and versatile appearance that can fit various themes and occasions. It can convey a sense of elegance, professionalism, creativity, or fun depending on how you use it.

Urbanist Font Generator

Font View

Urbanist Font Character Map
Urbanist Font Symbols View

Similar Fonts

If you like the font, you might also like other fonts with a similar style and vibe. Here are some examples of fonts:

  • Poppins: Indian Type Foundry created Poppins, another sans serif font, in 2014. Geometric shapes inspired it. It has a friendly and approachable feel.
  • Montserrat: Julieta Ulanovsky created Montserrat, a sans-serif font, in 2011. The signage and posters of the Montserrat neighborhood in Buenos Aires inspired it.
  • Roboto: Christian Robertson created this sans-serif font in 2011. It is the default font for Android devices and Google products.


Urbanist Font is a modern and versatile typeface that can suit your design needs. It has many features and benefits that can enhance your designs. You can use the Urbanist Font Generator to preview how your texts will look in Urbanist Font. You can also explore some other fonts that are similar. So, give it a try now and add it to your collection.

If you liked our font then please leave your comment below. Additionally, if you liked it and looking for some more fonts then please check out our other fonts like ArialBratz, And Horizon font.

Thank you!

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