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Coachella Font Download

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Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, or simply Coachella, is an annual event that features various genres of music and art in California. It ranks among the biggest, most renowned, and most lucrative music festivals in the U.S. and globally Did you notice the amazing logo and poster they use?
Do you ever wonder what font the Coachella music festival use? Well, we got you covered! In this article, we will discuss what font they use and where to find it and download it!

What Font does Coachella use?

Our research revealed that Coachella’s logo resembles a font called ChellaType. A renowned designer Jimmy Lesondak designed this font and published it. It is a handwritten and whimsical font. You can see the similarities in the image below.

Coachella Logo vs ChellaType font similarity example

ChellaType Font Properties and Potential Use

This font includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuation marks. It has irregular strokes, curves, and swashes that give it a unique and artistic look. The font is free for personal use. It is a fun and casual font that is suitable for many creative projects. Some examples are:

  • Logos and branding for music festivals, concerts, bands, or artists
  • Posters, flyers, banners, or invitations for events or parties
  • T-shirts, stickers, badges, or merchandise with catchy slogans or quotes
  • Magazines, books, blogs, or websites related to music, art, culture, or lifestyle
  • Social media posts, stories, or captions that express your personality or mood

Coachella Font Generator

Font View

Coachella Font Character

Similar Fonts

If you are looking for other fonts that are similar to ChellaType font, here are some suggestions:

  • Chela One: This is a font that has a similar name but a different style. It is a bold and condensed brush script font that has smooth curves and loops. It has 94 glyphs and is free for commercial use. It can be downloaded from here.
  • MADE Coachella: This is another font that resembles the Coachella logo. It is a contrasting serif font family that has six weights: thin, light, regular, medium, bold, and black.
  • Festival: This is a font that captures the vibe of music festivals. It is a handwritten style font with smooth curves and loops. It has 94 glyphs and is free for personal use.
  • Indie Flower: This is a font that has a playful and quirky feel. It is a handwritten style font with rounded edges and uneven lines. It has 95 glyphs and is free for commercial use.

In Conclusion,

Coachella’s use of the ChellaType font adds a distinctive and artistic touch to their logo and poster designs. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and let this font inspire your next project!

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You can also leave a comment and share your thoughts. Thank you for reading!

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