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Inter Font Free Download

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Inter Font is a free and open-source sans-serif typeface. Swedish designer/programmer Rasmus Andersson designed and published it in 2017. It is a Google font. Inter features mixed-case and lower-case text.

About The Font

Inter is a font that was designed specifically for computer screens, with a focus on detail. Its high X-height ensures that lowercase and mixed-case text are easily readable. In addition, Inter has a range of OpenType features, such as contextual alternates, which adjusts punctuation based on the surrounding glyphs’ shape. It also has slashed zeros that help differentiate between “0” and “o” and tabular numbers that make it even more flexible.

When and How to Use Inter Font

Inter is a versatile font family that’s designed specifically for computer screens, with a focus on readability and aesthetic appeal. As a content creator, you can use Inter for various digital platforms, including YouTube thumbnails and channel art, logos, banners, web design, gaming, presentations, and more. With Inter’s tall x-height and OpenType features like slashed zeros and tabular numbers, you can optimize your designs for maximum impact and readability. Learn how to effectively incorporate Inter font into your digital projects and elevate your content’s visual appeal and readability.

Inter Font Generator

With our Inter font generator, you can design your own unique text with various fonts, colors, and backgrounds. You can use it to see how your text displays in different styles and platforms, such as posters, logos, websites, social media, and more.

Inter Font View

Inter Font Character map
Inter Font Symbols

History of Inter

In 2016, Andersson began the Inter project by examining existing screen-optimized typefaces. But He found they lacked the flexibility and readability he needed. To meet the requirements of digital designers and developers, he chose to make a new font from scratch. The development process was an iterative and extensive one, with Andersson testing and refining Inter on various devices and platforms, focusing on a minimalist and modern aesthetic that would be both practical and elegant.

The project began as an experiment to create pixel-matched fonts for small sizes (11px) to enhance clarity and readability. Inter was created and tested using an in-house version of Figma, which was then refined based on user feedback and experience. The initial version of Inter was introduced as “Interface” on August 20, 2017. Later, the font was renamed “Inter.” Then he made the font a google font. Today, Inter is a popular open-source font that’s widely used by designers and developers across the globe, thanks to its readability, versatility, and multi-language support.

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